At the Mufnagels

So, I am officially t minus one day, and staying with Chris (the crazy-haired man) and Tami. They’ve forced me to sleep on the floor and the couch, play with their wii and watch British “comedies.” And yet, I am still going to miss them and all my friends in good ole Portland.

Went out with Lissa and Kari last night, Tami tagged along, and we had drinks, drinks, drinks and some e-San Thai food. All in all a good night. I still haven’t beaten Chris at tennis, but am apparently snaking up on him for bowling. I think it’s the home court advantage he has.

My next blog will be from Kuwait.

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2 Responses to At the Mufnagels

  1. Pat Kelly says:

    Hey Tozer,

    You sound like you are having quite the adventure…you ought to take a vacation to Portland. We missed seeing you before you left. Let me know how to send you something….love, Pat, Paula and girls

  2. MsB says:

    Hey, do you miss E-San Thai yet??? I do, and I’m still in Portland, Ore.! 😀

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