Take a tour of my apartment

My apartment #13
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Yes, that’s right, I’m in temporary housing #13, but I thought you might be interested in what it actually looks like. It is a two bedbroom, one semi-bedroom apartment. Two of the bedrooms have doors and armoires, one which is mine the other I call the guest bedroom, the semi-bedroom is where I will be putting guests who I don’t want to stay a long time. It doesn’t have a door and it gets light super early.

Take a photo tour.

There are two bathrooms one with a toilet, sink and a shower, but no toilet seat or shower curtain. I refer to this as my minimalist bathroom or “The Men’s Room.” The room in which I’m staying has a bathroom off of it with a tub/shower, sink and toilet. The toilet has a seat and the shower has a curtain. I have taken to showering in “The Men’s Room” as it is easier to get in and out of the shower and I like the fact that the water goes all over the floor, luckily there is a lip in the doorway so it doesn’t overflow into the hallway. Hee hee.

Please note my oven and stove top, cooking is going to be an adventure. I went shopping yesterday, first because I needed to buy a blow dryer, you can read about my blow dryer incident in the first day of work entry. I also needed to buy an electric toothbrush, because I promised my dentist, and some food. Karen, my predecesssor in this job was nice enough to take me shopping. There is a co-op next to the apartment, but it doesn’t carry stuff like blow dryers.

We took a Taxi to Carrefour, which is the French version of Fred Meyer. I bought a blow dryer and Karen bought a tea kettle. In the food section I bought ground beef, salsa, cold cuts, cheese, mustard and little Arabic sausages. For my first home cooked meal apart from the home-made bologna sandwiches I’m going to make Mexican pitas. Ole! I also need to start taking my lunch to the office or as it stands right now, upstairs. I guess taking the elevator a couple of floors down to make lunch would be o.k., but I’m not sure I want to get in that habit as I think I shouldn’t live in the building in which I work.

The Sugar Incident

Someone in MC was nice enough to stalk a little food. When I woke up the first morning I started making coffee. Looking around for the sugar I noticed a jar on the counter. It looked like sea salt so being the prudent person I am (not) I dipped one finger into it for a taste — Sugar!

The main writing on the jar was in Arabic, but in English in small print it said “Refrigerate after opening.” So, I’m in Kuwait, if they refrigerate their sugar, I’m all for it, whatever the reasoning behind it. So I put some in my coffee and then refrigerate the rest. It wasn’t until this morning (2 days later) that I noticed the jar the sugar comes in, isn’t actually its original container. Someone put some sugar in a jar for me, the jar originally contained processed cheese spread.

So I’ve been refrigerating my sugar because it was in a processed cheese spread jar, not because they refrigerate sugar in the Middle East, nor does sugar come in a jar.

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  1. tianatozer says:

    You have a lot of free time. Go singe your bangs.

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