An interesting weekend


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Two very interesting things happened this weekend. My stuff had arrived about a week ago and I finally decided to unpack it and my suitcases. There isn’t a lot of storage in my apartment so I started cleaning off the top of my armoire. They don’t really have closets here, just wardrobes. I put my hand on the top of it and pulled off a mound of dust. So, I got a washcloth and cleaned around the edge.

After cleaning around the edge, I threw my suitcase up on top and a cloud of dust exploded. Moving a chair into the bedroom, I climbed up on it armed with my wet cloth to discover a shooting target. Immediately my imagination went wild. Had this apartment been occupied by terrorists, the mafia, a gun enthusiast or a just really good shot. All afternoon I freaked myself out with stories about why there was a shooting target on top of my armoire. Further exploration of the dusty surface led to the discover of a piece of clay 1 inch in diameter with an imprint on it, it looked like a seal with sloppy Arabic writing and it was in the shape of an octagon.

When I told Alex, my co-worker from Serbia about my discovery, still thinking it was weird he toldd me that they have shooting ranges here, bursting my idea that I had stumbled upon what was left of a cell. I probably shouldn’t be posting this, Chris, my American co-worker says that everything that comes out of the Middle East is monitored. So Dick Cheney if you’re listening, you’re a jerk!

Good shot!

My discoveries all took place on Friday, which is the first day of our weekend here and all day as I unpacked, did some writing, unpacked, watched a movie, upacked, did some laundry, I was waiting for Senait to call.

Senait works in the office. She is what I guess you would call an office girl, she brings us coffee, cleans the office, makes photocopies, she does a ton of little things. She is from Eritrea. She has lived in Kuwait for 9 years and I think she is around 32. She speaks Tigrinia, Arabic and some English. Currently, she is learning to read and write Arabic. She worked a a maid/nanny for a Kuwait family, then in a restaurant and now at Mercy Corps.

She has beautiful black skin and white, white teeth and she is very nice. I was supposed to go shopping with her one weekend when Eva was in town, but it didn’t happen. I asked her if she wanted to go shopping with me on the weekend, but because of Ramandan, her sponsor is making her do some work for him. Instead she told me about a group that she is involved in, people from her country gather on the weekends and are working to help some of the young girls learn more skills, English, computer skills. They have a place where they meet and she invited me to come and hang out with them.

To be continued . . .

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