Buh bye Bahrain

Tash and I woke up at 11:00 a.m. both craving eggs. We got packed and dressed and set out to find food. We had seen a place not far from the hotel that looked promising, but it was closed.We walked around for about an hour searching for an American breakfast, but no luck, we finally settled on the Hard Rock cafe, where she had a salad and I had a BLT. In the bathroom of the restaurant there was a sign that said “No drugs and no nuclear weapons.” Luckily I had left my nuke in my other purse, so I was clear to use the toilet.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel from hell to catch a cab to the airport. We really didn’t have anytime to do anything at all on the third day, but I felt since we had taken advantage of both days and nights the previous day it was o.k.

On the plane home as I was frantically scribbling notes so I could write about our experience, a pleasant voice interupted me.

“Are you writing about your trip?” she inquired. She was fairly tall with straight brown hair and she was wearing a white skirt and a red and white top. When I confirmed that I was writing about our trip, she nudged her husband and said, “We should do that.”

I told her I was an aspiring writer and I had just finished my first book. She introduced herself as Ali and her husband as Les, he works in oil and they are both Canadians. We started talking and Ali invited us to their end of Eid barbeque the next day. I’m looking forward to it, it will be nice to meet some people in Kuwait.

Where to stay inexpensively in Bahrain:

City Centre Hotel – 30 BHD a night approximately $65.00

Bahrain International Hotel 30 BHD a night approximately $65.00

The Best Western

Where to go:

The souk which is right behind City Centre Hotel

The Marina Club

JJs English Pub

Laialy Zaman – Sheeshaw place which is right near the Marina Club, and although we didn’t make it there, there is a place that serves American breakfast called Ken’s.

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One Response to Buh bye Bahrain

  1. MsB says:

    Wait. Which one is the “hotel from hell”??? 😉

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