Christmas in France

I spent Christmas in France with my French family. I arrived in Parisand took the train to mMy nieces & newphewsy sister, Isa’s house outside Paris. I stayed there a couple of days and then we drove to southern France to meet up with the rest of the family, Maman, my brother Thierry and about 30 other relatives.

Isa has three daughters and the youngest Eva is a holy terror. All she did for nine days was cry, throw tantrums and pout. It was great birth control for me.

All we did for nine days was eat.

Me with Nicholas, Celia, Marion, Eva and Emilie in front of the Pyranees.

Madame Tetue



Eva, she mainly looked that that.






Emilie de Nai



My niece Emilie wore her hair pulled over to one side and Isa teased her about that and her love of designer clothes and name brands –calling her Emilie de Nai in a very snooty voice. This is Isa and me imitating her hairdo.





Papy and me


Papy and me. My French grandfather who fought in the resistance in WWII is now in a rest home. It was a bitter sweet visit because it may be the last time I see him.

The family

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2 Responses to Christmas in France

  1. Tom says:

    Looking at the first picture: Were the peopel you visiting midgets?

  2. MsB says:

    haha! I love that bit about the birth control! 🙂

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