Not Feeling the Love in Kuwait

From the official Kuwait news:

No love for Valentine’s Day

KUWAIT: Head of National Assembly committee monitoring negative alien practices MP Waleed Al-Tabtabae said yesterday the panel will meet on Wednesday with the government to discuss ways to ban Valentine’s Day celebrations in the state. The meeting will take place with representatives from the ministries of interior, information and commerce and industry, Tabtabae said.

We want to discuss measures that should be taken by these ministries to prevent such alien events from impacting the Kuwaiti society and spreading corruption among the Kuwaiti youth,” he said. Tabtabae described Valentine’s Day as an occasion that contradicts with the traditions and values of the Kuwaiti society.

Islamist MP Jamaan Al-Harbash, who is a member of the committee, urged the minister of commerce and industry to perform his responsibilities “to prevent the celebration of Valentine’s Day which contradicts with the values and teachings of Islam and do not conform with our traditions”. He said that many foreign nations ban the celebrations because they aim at “spreading moral corruption”, adding that they will closely watch what happens during the next few days to judge if the government is serious over ban
ning the celebrations.

Valentine’s Day is on February 14. Conservative Kuwait allows Valentine’s Day celebrations, and supermarkets and shops have started selling gifts for the occasion on Thursday. Major supermarkets have allocated special corners for Valentine’s Day paraphernalia.

In another development, MP Ahmad Al-Saadoun issued a stern warning to Minister of Social Affairs and Labour Ahmad Al-Shehab to fully implement sports laws passed by the Assembly in February last year. Saadoun said MPs will not wait for too long before taking a move to question the minister if he fails to apply the laws and take action against sports officials who did not abide with the new regulations.

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  1. L.V. Tozer says:

    way to go TT– to many initials that I didnt keep up with–you da women –unc

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