Thoughts on 40 years of life

Brithday Flowers

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On April 22, 2008 I turned 40. I received flowers (pictured here) from my parental units and my brother. My Mom sent me a card and my bro even sent me a card.

Thanks to everyone who sent me e-cards, Tami and Lissa and all my friends who e-mailed me on the BIG 40. So what have I learned in 40 years of life?

Not enough, not nearly enough:

1. The most important thing in life is our relationships with other people.

2. Good friends are hard to find.

3. The older I get the more important it is to keep in contact with people who knew me when I was young.

4. No matter how old I get I’ll still be doing dumb things. My Mom’s best friend Layle told me that when I was around 36.

5. The best thing about not having boobs is that there is less to sag when you get older.

6. Now that I older I fit in better, because there are more people who limp.

7. No matter how old I get my mother still acts like my mother and can make me feel like I’m seven years old again.

8. You can’t make people change, they have to want to change. You either have to accept people as they are or just not have a relationship with them.

9. It is never, ever wrong to tell the truth, sometimes imprudent, but never wrong.

10. On marriage, my Aunt Rink told me that it’s not so much in finding Mr. Right, it’s in avoiding all the ones that will make you miserable.

11. On marriage, my Uncle L.V. told me its just as easy to marry a rich man as it is to marry a poor man.

12. Never buy a condo in a five-plex with a nasty lawyer and a princess who can barely wipe her butt on her own.

13. My father told me that laughter takes the pain away.

14. Laughter does take the pain away, but not right after you’ve had hip surgery, then it just jars your hip and makes you need more pain medication.

15. Learning to walk is much easier the first time around.

16. You should always stick up for yourself.

17. Re: #16 but pick and choose your battles carefully.

18. My Uncle L.V. also told me “You can go to wall, but just remember sometimes you get shot at the wall.”

19. Coffee doesn’t really stunt your growth. I think I started drinking it when I was 14 and 5’10, I started drinking in hopes of stunting my growth, I got to be 6 feet in high school and gained my last inch in college.

20. Whoever said “Justice is swift,” was never in a court in this century.

21. My cousin Schelle taught me that it is always important to be a good guest. To help out and contribute.

22. Once you move out of your parents house you can really never go back.

23. Physically beautiful people can be really ugly and people who are not so physically attractive can be gorgeous.

24. People don’t really remember what you say, they remember how you made them feel.

25. You should take really good care of your teeth.

26. Your health is the most important thing you have and you should really take good care of that too.

27. Life is all about choices and no matter what happens you can always choose your attitude.

28. Who you are is way more important than what you are.

29. The most important thing anyone can do in life is raise children. And at the rate America’s going don’t worry if you don’t have any of your own, there are plenty out there that need someone raise them.

30. When we ended up with the bronze medal in Atlanta, I was sitting there looking disappointedly at my medal, when my teammate Mac came up put her hand on my shoulder and said, “It’s not the worst thing that’s happened to you after all you do play wheelchair basketball.”

31. Coach Hedrick told me that “If your early your on time, if your late, your late.

32. Coach Hedrick also said that “Winning and losing result from many things, some are internal and controllable, some are external and not controllable. The most important feature of competition is not the outcome, but the effort which precedes it. Where effort exists there is no failure, merely momentary setbacks.” Or something like that.

33. You really find out who your true friends are after you have surgery. I have a lot of really good, true friends.

34. There’s no place like home.

35. Sometimes no matter how old you are you still just want your Mommy.

36. Sitting in the shower is truly the best way to shower. I never would have learned that had I not become disabled.

37. You can choose your friends, but not your family. That being said family is where you make it and you can never have enough. Well, I almost have enough, but that’s because I’m a Tozer.

38. Even if you come up with a really great quote, eventually it will be attributed to someone else.

39. 40 isn’t as old as I thought it was when I was young.

40. Life is a learning experience and when you quit learning it’s over.

Thanks for all your birthday wishes. I love hearing from home and I will celebrate with you in September.

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