May 14, 2008

Please join me in commemorating 20 years of life.  May 14, 1988 was the day I became disabled, I have now spent half my life in a wheelchair.  It’s good to be alive!

So please help me celebrate by doing something fun that doesn’t involve alcohol. Please remember to wear your seatbelt and don’t drink and drive! You only have one body and once it’s broken it never really works the same.

One American is killed every 22 minutes by an intoxicated driver.  What is really interesting to me is that Americans are so attuned to the number of military deaths in Iraq, but during 2008 alone we will lose more Americans to intoxicated driving than we will ever lose in the war even if it continues for 5 more years. Where are our priorities?

This message has been brought to you by someone who cares. Our regularly scheduled sarcastic, irreverant blog posts will now resume.

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