Trouble Understanding the Iraq War?

Dead Children at HadithaI do too. But last night I watched a movie “Battle for Haditha” a fictional account of the massacre of civilians that was trigger by the death of a marine by an IED. Although the account is fictional it is based on real events and as I watched it I found myself disgusted with the Americans and the Iraqis alternately yelling at the screen at all parties. But it truly gave me insight into the propoganda that both sides are using.

This morning when I was talking to my focal point for Gender a very young bright woman and I talked about it. About how angry it made me. And she said, “We’ve seen a lot worse.”

How sad. If you watch it let me know what you think. Here is the link.

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One Response to Trouble Understanding the Iraq War?

  1. JUDITH SMITH says:

    Hello Tiana,
    i’ve been following your work in Iraq and wanted to ffer my help in anyway I could. I’m c6 quad, car accident at age 17yr–30 yrs ago. I’m the Artistic Director of AXIS Dance Company–now in our 20th year. AXIS is a professional, contemporary dance comprised of dancers with and without disabilities. We’ve worked with disabled communities nationwide and as far away as Novosibirsk, Siberia where the disabled women fromed their own dance group, Firebird, which is still going strong 13yrs. now. At the least, we could provide dvd’s of work. I hope to hear from you.
    Warmly, judy

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