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The apts

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Arrived at my new post on Sept. 25 after about three days of travel. The guesthouse moved and the new “guesthouse” is in what on the surface appear to be luxury apartments, they were just built. However, the wall paper is peeling off, it is missing ceiling lamps, our hall light won’t turn off, a tsunami hits every time I take a shower, the drawer next to the sink floods . . . I could go on and on. When I commented to my boss that I didn’t feel like a humanitarian aid worker she offered to pitch me a tent on the grass. For now the apartment will do.

My roommate is very petite, one of the shortest people here, of Greek descent she talks Greek on the phone with her parents. She is very sweet and a good cook, her name is Vicky.

So there are about five things to do here, work, cook, watch movies, go to the grocery store and work. But we manage to keep ourselves amused. During my first week here, I was having issues with the shower. It has eight shower heads and depending on how you turn it on depends on where the water comes out. My first morning I wasn’t planning on washing my hair, but I ended up washing it anyway. The second morning I received a full frontal blast, I think I might finally have gotten it done. I’m worried about my roommate she is so short the full frontal could drown her.

Also during the first week one of the workers came in to hang up the bathroom stuff the mirror and the

The toilet paper dilemma

The toilet paper dilemma

toilet paper holder. In all the bathrooms he put the toilet paper holder kitty corner from the toilet, even with my wing span, no way. Please note the location next to the sink in the photo, you can also see the luxury tsunami shower. Luckily the toilet paper holder got moved fairly quickly.

Another fun game that Vicky and I have been playing is keep track of your cleaning supplies. Everything seems to have disappeared, the cleaning lady uses our apartment as a home base, so we think stuff is getting moved around, but we haven’t had the time to organize a rescue party. Which is too bad because the kitchen floor is dirtier than the sidewalk, how is that possible with a cleaning lady, I haven’t figured that out yet. I guess its selective cleaning.

Another game we like to play is keep track of your dishes. The expats live in four apartments and we have a tendency to go back and forth, eat at each others houses etc. All of our dishes look the same, so anytime you take something up, or you share your dishes at a dinner party you have to remember to collect them. It is disconcerting to open the dish cupboard to one plate. However, the coffee cups never go missing, if they did my roommate would freak.

The only other news I have to report is that Buffy (that is my series Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is missing. I had brought her up to the old guesthouse for the inhabitants and she has been misplaced in the move. At least that is the thin thread of hope I’m holding onto. I have looked in every cupboard and nook and cranny. So please keep your fingers crossed that I find her.

Tomorrow I leave for a conference in Egypt.

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One Response to The New Post

  1. Tom says:

    Buffy is missing and you still left the country?!!!

    How could you be so callous?

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