Interesting Week

Tiana in her gift

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Well, it has been an interesting week. First off I think Mercy Corps has a policy against accepting gifts from beneficiaries and if they don’t they should. I received the pictured outfit from a beneficiary that I work with. The Technical Service Unit where I work after much strategic thinking has determined that it is pajamas and I’m much relieved because I thought the next time I meet with the person who gave it to me I would have to wear it, most likely out to dinner.

My roommate and I are still having difficulties with our weekly vegetable/fruit order. We order half a kilo of apples, V wanted six and got five kilos. So what do you do with five kilos of apples, any ideas? Because so far I have made two huge pies, and we still have half a bag. V is very tired of peeling apples. So this week is our neighbor’s birthday, you remember S the one I save from the cockroach. I spent Wednesday night baking apple pie and I have also attempted flan. I started baking at 8:00 p.m. and got to bed about quarter to 1:00 a.m. My birthday gift to her was to cook dinner we are having cheeseburgers tonight, along with salad, sautéed mushrooms, Greek salad and lots of dessert. As I was cooking last night my dearest roommate (she is actually my only one) not only peeled the apples, but she brought her computer into the dining room to keep me company.

The Mother of All Apple Pies

The Mother of All Apple Pies

“When are the pies going to be done?” she asked. “Why?” I inquired. “So I can have a piece.” I informed her that they were for the party and she whined and whined said, “What good is it living with the baker if you don’t get to test stuff.” So I had enough dough left over I made her a little apple turnover. I working for the “Roommate of the Year,” award, I think I’m well on my way to this prestigious accomplishment.

In addition, to ordering five kilos of apples, an all night baking session, I have had to find the blanket I claimed for my bed twice. The most interesting thing about having people clean your apartment is finding things afterwards. As my roommate says, “It’s always Easter.” And yes, it is.

Thursday I went to drop off a donation at a Technical Institution for PWDs. They do skills training for the deaf and the developmentally disabled ages 13 – 45. The new school year just started and most of the students were teenagers, they are trained in handicrafts, carpentry for the boys, hairdressing and sewing for the girls and computers. The students in carpentry, sewing and hairdressing or cosmetologists training were mainly deaf; the developmentally disabled students were working on handicrafts and computer skills. Many of the teachers were former students at the school and the computer trained kids will be employed by the government. I enjoyed speaking with the children. The school of course has many needs; new computers were the one they kept coming back to and the computers were very, very old.

Vixen and her personal pie

Vixen and her personal pie

It was also this week that I took the initiative to decorate the office in a motivational way. I decorated it when my boss was out and she laughed a lot when she came back in. In addition, right after I had finished decorating was when my gifts arrived. So we laughed a lot more.

It has become painfully obvious why women in this country wear Abayas.  (see the picture of me in my gift.)

Me at the PWD Institute with a student

Me at the PWD Institute with a student

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