The Femine Product Incident

I was headed out for my R & R in Rome and at the security check at the Suli airport when they went through my bags we had a tampon incident. Muslim women do not use tampons in the Middle East. My assistant when I first came to Kuwait had five children, but had never seen a tampon.

When I go through the airport, even without my wheelchair, the driver, who I’ll call O never lets me get out of the car. He makes everyone come to me. I guess it makes him feel like he is helping so I humor him. I know it seems odd that I would put up with it, but he is a very sweet man.

So, he brings the lady who searches the luggage out to the SUV. I hear her unzipping all the compartments, then I hear this crinkling noise and she and the driver talking. I look back. O holds up one of my tampons that she has ripped open and says “What is this?” I’m annoyed because her curiosity has ruined a perfectly good tampon, which by the way you can’t buy anywhere in Iraq and there is only one place in Kuwait you can buy them, I haven’t seen them anywhere in Egypt and I’m not sure about Jordan.

I look at her in complete disgust and I say “It’s a tampon for when a women bleeds every month.” She nods and puts the ruined tampon back in my bag.

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