Here in South Iraq

I arrived in South Iraq on January 26, I’m living in a compound for contractors on the military base. When I arrived at the airport in Basra I was surprised at how nice it was, but it was odd because there was only one plane and very few passengers. Only the women were patted down coming off the plane it was weird. We were three women in the room, two Americans and one French woman. The American woman’s husband was Iraqi and she was wearing a hijab — crazy. I wonder if she knows what she’s getting into.

There were two incidents during the security search, the French woman had a tampon and then as the woman was patting me down she gave me a mischievous smile and then squeezed both my breasts. When I got out of the room I asked the French girl if the same thing had happened to her and she confirmed that it had along with an uncomfortable moment at her crotch area.

Going through a second security point once again they were stymied by my six boxes of tampons; then the guy was having trouble closing my suitcase, he looked to me for help, but I just looked at him and didn’t move a muscle. Hey you open you close it, those are the rules. My colleague Java showed me around the compound and got me settled in my trailer and then we hit the 9mm bar to celebrate my arrival with a bottle of Shiraz.

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