Living in the Mouse Maze

The base where I live is huge and there are different compounds on it. I live in the B & B compound. Walking around the compound is like walking through a mouse maze with all the sandbags and high cement blast walls. The blast walls are about 20 feet high and they are placed around the common trailers. The living trailers are not usually surrounded by blast walls, but are sandbagged up about six feet. The sandbags keep shrapnel from penetrating the trailers.

All over the place are signs about IDF (Incoming Direct Fire). When the siren sounds you drop to the ground wait three minutes and then run to the nearest bunker. The bunkers are like sandbag forts with benches in them. I hope if I have to spend time in a bunker it’s with a bunch of good looking Brits. Once the all clear alarm sounds you can go about your business. The reason you drop to the ground is because shrapnel explodes upwards.

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