A Beautiful Day for Elections

It’s election day in Iraq and the day is beautiful and sunny Vehicle curfews are in effect in cities, airports are closed and borders are sealed. Polling stations are ringed with razor wire and under 24-hour police guard. All stations have security checks one has six that voters will have to pass through before they can cast their ballots. There have been 10 election related deaths reported and on polling place was hit by three mortars.

At lunch today the cafeteria was crowded because none of the security details could go out. Yesterday I ended up rearranging my room I moved the bed once and every other piece of furniture twice and in the end the desk, the wardrobe and the drawers ended up on the same wall on which they started. Oh well, it was good exercise. Friday nights is BBQ night and they served grilled tenderloin, chicken and Brats. Yummy. I have been and hopefully will continue to exercise everyday with Friday off; although the cardio equipment in the gym leaves much to be desired.

Last night I tried to watch the movie 7 Pounds, but it cut off halfway through the show so I have to return the DVD and get a new one. I also need a flyswatter.

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