Search and Seizure

Well today the routine was interuppted by a search of the office and supposedly our trailers. British soliders came in looking for unauthorized cell phones, Ipods with memory storage and external storage drives or memory sticks and cameras.

It was like being in jail and having your cell tossed. A hyper English Spaniel was escorted in and traipsed mud all over the office sniffing for countraband, two of my colleagues were out so I had to answer questions about them. It took about 25 minutes.

At lunch I asked one of the other NGOs private security detail (PSD) if they gotten tossed. As I sat down il I looked over at their table and I saw one of them mouth the word “toss” and then start laughing. I didn’t realize that I used an unfortunate choice of words until my colleague, Java informed me that “tossed” means to masturbate. Opps.

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