The Unisex Bathroom

In our office trailer there is no bathroom, so we have to use the “Toilet” Trailer. There are toilets to the left with doors and then urinals to the right, so when you walk in if some man is peeing you have to walk right by him. So far I haven’t walked in on anyone, but it’s weird everytime I’m in there some man comes in, usually one of the workers, it seems odd that I can never go in there and finish without someone walking in. Hmmmmm, maybe they are watching.

Like the Vatican toilets these toilets lack the seat so you have to sit on the cold porcelain, in addition there is never any toilet paper so you either have to take your own in or hose off with freezing cold water from the sprayer.

The toilets in our rooms actually have seats on them, although precariously perched and ready to fall off any minute it’s better than not having them. What is really lovely about the bathroom situation is that in the morning when I stand in front of the mirror sometimes I can hear my neighbor, standing on the other side, hocking up lugies. It’s a lovely way to start the morning. I’m not married yet every morning I get to hear a man, clearing his throat and farting. BIG SIGH.

So today I actually made it to breakfast and it’s Thursday, which means tomorrow I get my half day off, so tonight is bar night. Workout, dinner then the bar.


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