Smile Time

So I’ve been making my way through the Fifth Season of Angel and last night I watched the funniest episode — Smile Time. It was about the producer of a kid’s TV show who made a deal with the devil to increase his ratings and the show was run by evil puppets, but when Angel, (for those of you not familiar with Angel, he got his start on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as the Vampire with the soul, so he is good not evil) went to investigate he was turned into a puppet. It was so funny. Particularly the fight scenes with Spike. I’m still laughing this morning. It was on Disc 5 of Season 5, hilariously. Tom if your reading this you need to see it.

So other than that I’ve been faithfully working out and have started to get to know some of the Brits that come to the gym at the same time I do, mainly Will, Russ and Markus.

The good news is that the sacred frog pillowcase was returned. Unfortunately it smelled like smoke so I had to put it in the laundry again, but at least it is back.

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