Saddam’s Revenge

Well I spent the last day and a half in bed, with Saddam’s Revenge, think Montazuma’s Revenge, but in Iraq. The type where it feels like someone is knifing you in the stomach. So in our hootches, because they are living quarters when you stay in there it is very dark, the door windows are completely covered over and the window, window is beveled so you can’t see through it.

Last night a huge windstorm started and is still going, the wind cracks the metal of the trailers and a couple of times last night is sounded like a trailer was being swept up into the wind, in a Wizard of Oz like fashion.

Today there is a thin layer of dust on everything and I haven’t eaten anything, but a banana, several crackers and some Sprite in the last 36 hours.

The sky is a muddy grey color and it sounds like someone is walking on top of the office.

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