Where’s my pants!

This post is dedicated to Steve F. and you know why. So my trailer is right in front of one of the parking lots where the Personal Security Details (“PSD”) stage in the morning. Sometimes I get woken up at 5:00 a.m. sometimes 6:00 or 6:30 a.m., but they are all yelling and making a lot of noise one man sings, they are just very inconsiderate, and no matter how many times you yell, or ask politely it’s just a noisy place to have your trailer.

In addition a lot of the PSDs use Iraqis and lately in the mornings when I walk out of my trailer I’ve come face to face with a whole group of them and they just stare at me. I’m pretty well covered, but you have to understand Iraqi women show their faces, there hands, but not above the wrist and sometimes their toes, period. So, not only am I a 6 foot blond pretty modestly dressed my American standards, I show my ankles, my arms sometimes and my neck, face and hair, for them it’s a ton of skin and every morning when I’m greeted with their stares I have to double check and make sure I put my pants on, because they are looking at me as if I’m not wearing any.

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One Response to Where’s my pants!

  1. Steve F. says:

    Hey thanks for the props Tozer. I saw the headline and thought, “Hey, that’s my line!” Interesting as always!

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