A Live One

So Monday night the IDF (Incoming Direct Fire) alarm went off and then I heard two loud explosions. It was mortars, I dropped to the ground right outside the bathroom, but I didn’t wait three minutes. As soon as it sounded clear I went to the nearest bunker but there was no light in it and it was filled with Iraqi men.

So, I probably shouldn’t have but I made my way to the next nearest bunker where my colleague Roland was ensconced. We were in there anywhere from 15 – 30 minutes and then we heard another announcement come over the system is, the problem is you can’t hear what is being said. All you hear is waah, waah, waaah, waah, like the adults in the Charlie Brown shows, so it is difficult to know exactly what you are supposed to do and where you are supposed to go.

The next morning my friend Kim, who is an AP reporter in Baghdad e-mailed me to check on it, they had reported on the incident. The mortar actually hit in another contractor’s compound about 200 meters from my compound and one civilian was killed, a third party national which usually means a Bangladeshi or Indian. So I reported back home to everyone I was o.k., but the American news didn’t pick it up.

They are expecting more IDF once the Americans take over.

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3 Responses to A Live One

  1. Kari Dean says:

    Please stay safe!!!!!! Miss you!

  2. Lissa Rasmussen says:

    Glad you’re all right!

  3. Martine says:

    Please, don’t make us afraid and stay alive !
    Love from France

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