A Little Helper and a BAD dinner

My Helper

My Helper

I had to get on the internet to finish my report yesterday and as I was computing this little girl came by and decided to join me. Not sure what nationality she was, but she wouldn’t respond to my questions in English although she did write out the entire alphabet in English, what she wanted most was to draw on my computer.

After my little helper left, I researched restaurants and then got a Tuk Tuk to take me to a Thai restaurant, I was craving green curry and fried bananas. The driver couldn’t find the restaurant and as a matter of fact The Lonely Planet has been very disappointing in Cambodia. Nothing seems to be accurate. Anyway we were lost, so a guy that my driver stopped to ask for directions suggested another restaurant. The driver dropped me off in front of (drum roll please) “The Titantic”.

Well it’s too bad the food didn’t go down with the ship or maybe it did. And the food we were eating was actually retrieved from the wreckage. Whatever it was don’t go there, it has great atmosphere and you could go there for drinks or dessert the patio overlooks the river, but the food SUCKS.

I ordered Khmer Curry and the chicken was all boney and fatty. Then I ordered a banana split thinking that I didn’t eat that much curry, on the menu it said chocolate sauce, but it came with strawberry sauce and by the time she got back with the chocolate sauce it was half melted. In addition the bananas still had part of their peels on.

So, if you are in Phnom Penh and you pull up to a restaurant called the Titanic RUN AWAY, this restaurant should be at the bottom of the ocean. In Thailand, I didn’t have a bad meal, but in Cambodia it’s very possible as I so rudely found out last night.

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2 Responses to A Little Helper and a BAD dinner

  1. alex jamison says:

    Well Tiana, sorry to learn of your bad restraunt experience. Are you actually saying it’s worse than the B+B food?? that i find hard to believe..hahaha. i always get a sinking feeling when i walk into the B+B ,maybe we should campaign for that to be called The Titanic.
    I hope you have better luck next time with restraunts you choose. See you soon.x

  2. alex jamison says:

    Beautiful picture by the way. You look amazing. x

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