To Battambang

Me & Srey Peck

Me & Srey Peck

I was scheduled to take the bus to Battambang at 8:45 a.m. As I sat waiting for my ride to the station one of the hotel employees, a young girl who had been serving me food at the restaurant kept coming up, holding my hand and telling me she would miss me.  Her name is Srey Peck and she and the other employees live at the hotel away from their families so they can work and earn money.  It turns out that school has to be paid for in Cambodia, it’s not compulsory. Not sure how old she was but she was a doll.  The entire staff at Angkar International Hotel were great, but there is no lift so if you stay there get place on the first or second floor.   The bus was supposed to be there at 8:00 it arrived more around 8:30 and then made a few other stops.  We got to the bus stop and I had to exchange my ticket that I got at the hotel for a real ticket and then they packed my luggage I took my seat and we were off.  Most of the foreigners, all five of them were in the front, but I ended up way in the back.   I was sitting in front of a monk and to my side were two girls who looked to be no more than 14 or 15. One of

Me and the Ho Sues

Me and the Ho Sues

the girls spoke a little English, but we actually ended up introducing ourselves and I told her my nationality in Chinese. Her name was Ho Sue Whay, her traveling companion was Ho Sue Wa.  So I made stilted conversation with the Ho Sues and they giggled alot and when we stopped for lunch, I wasn’t that hungry, but Ho Sue Whay bought these grilled corn husks and inside was a banana wrapped in sticky rice grilled.  She offered me one and wouldn’t let me pay for it, which I thought was very kind.

People got on and off the bus at different villages and they ended up getting off at the second rest stop.  We exchanged e-mails. They were very cute girls.

It was a five hour or so bus ride to Battambang.  We got there and a man offered to take me to my hotel for a dollar. I thought I was getting a Tuk Tuk, it was a scooter.  He took me to this reallly fancy looking hotel, I had asked for a hotel near the boat dock, but I decided I didn’t want to stay there.  I saw a new hotel advertising rooms for $12 a night so I had my scooter driver make a U-turn and ended up staying at this brand new hotel

Seng Hout Hotel

The Lunch Stop

The Lunch Stop

  1. 1008 B Road II, 50 m

At the North of Phsarnat

012 530 327

e-mail –

So if you decided to stay at the hotel, a couple of things you should know, there is no internet in the rooms, nor is it on the fourth floor or the fifth floor it’s on the mezzanine, the two giggly girls at the front desk had no idea.  Also, currently there is no restaurant in the hotel, however, you can purchase drinks and some snacks there.  It is one block from the main market, which is o.k. not great for tourist shopping and then if you keep going about two more long blocks, after you pass through the market and take a left you will arrive at the Smoking Pot which is a decent restaurant.   In Thailand I didn’t have a bad meal, in Cambodia it’s been hit and miss.

The market is fun to look at, and they have some really cute kids clothes if you are in the market for that, but other than that they didn’t have much.

Went to bed early because I had to  be in the lobby at 6:30 a.m. to catch the boat.

Battambang Market

Battambang Market

One thing I missed doing in Battambang that looked like fun was taking the Bamboo train.  They put a bamboo platform on train wheels and take you for a ride, four of the people I met on the boat did it and had a great time.  So if you go to Battambang, that is not to be missed.

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2 Responses to To Battambang

  1. alex jamison says:

    Hey Tiana. Another long day on vacation for you. The bus journey doesnt sound too comfortable but at least you got to chat with some poeple to make the time go a little quicker. Nice lunch stop then?? i hope you got a table by the view of the water feature!!.. i was going to say “by the window”.. but errmmmm.
    Well, i am on my travels too today. Back to work on friday. So you enjoy the rest of your vacation and take care. Will see you soon.
    Alex .. xx

  2. Martine C says:

    Beautiful pictures which give us envy to travel . Have a nice vacation.


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