Calling Ms. Manners

So today, I have to pick up a colleague at the gate at 6:15 p.m. and I have Arabic at 6:30 p.m. and I was trying to get a work out in so I rushed to the gym and there was one man on the treadmill running. So I get on the elliptical and start work out and I notice that the guy is coughing. So I get off and turn on the boom box. Then he starts blowing his nose into his hand.

Gross. You’re in an f*$%ing gym get a kleenex. So I try to ignore it, but its making me gag. Then he starts hocking up lugies and spitting them into his hand and then wiping them in his shorts pocket. DISGUSTING! I mean for Gosh sake, it’s one thing if you are running outside, but in gym on a treadmill that other people use.

I almost puked and rather than sit there and listen to that jackASS, blow his body fluid all over the place and I grabbed my stuff and stormed out. Unfortunately I forgot my phone, so I went back in to get it and he says, “What’s wrong,” And I say “You are disgusting!” And what I should have followed that up with is “It makes me want to puke and if I puke I’m puking all over you.”

Then he says “I’ll be done in 20 minutes.” And I’m thinking oh excuse me, you wanna be disgusting, do everything except scratch your balls and pick your ass so I’m supposed to come back when your gone, because God forbid you might be considerate of other people, you Neanderthal! Instead I said, “I don’t have 20 minutes.”

And stormed out of the gym again. I just can’t believe people are that clueless and inconsiderate.

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