Yoga with the Guys

My colleague who is visiting is a yoga instructor and she got six guys to do yoga with us yesterday. It was funny because as we were starting she asked the other guys in the gym if they wanted to participate and they responded no, with a look of utter horror on their faces.  She had asked a couple of other guys too who also turned her down, I think they were afraid of what their mates might think.  It’s amazing I was very naive about this type of living situation the rumors run ramped, if you are a woman and you are even seen talking to a guy, the rumors start to fly.  It’s extremely immature, but I don’t know what I was expecting from men who think that the F-word is a noun, adjective, verb, and expletive and who have pictures of naked women all over their walls.  SIGH.  So back to Yoga it was mainly my mates on camp who partcipated the usual lot and they were such good sports.  A lot of them are really muscular so they are not that flexible particularly through the shoulders so some of it ended up being very funny, but we all kept on each other to do our best and agreed to another sesssion on Friday.  For me, it really kicked my butt, I had to do modified poses, but it still kicked my butt.  Today we are all walking around telling each other what is sore.  The Friday session should be interesting. I wish I would have taken photos.  

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