What happened to the memo?

So last night I was laying in bed, when I heard a sound like an ambulance and then a loud explosion. It turns out that it was incoming. However, no one recognized it as such, because when the Brits were here the IDF alarm was one long siren and no one was briefed that the alarm had changed.

I heard a ton of running and it sounded like everyone was vacating their trailers, which is the wrong thing to do because once the alarm goes off you only have four seconds if that to get to a bunker. And this time I heard the explosion as the alarm was going off, but as I didn’t know what was going on I stayed in bed.

After the pandemonium, the announcer, who I swear is Charlie Brown’ss father (wah, wah, wah) gave the all clear. My mate Will knocked on my window to see if I was o.k. I was.

But I guess that after the all clear was given around 9:30 p.m. or 10 they hit us again at midnight, I didn’t hear a thing and slept right through it, as a matter of fact several people slept through it. But now I know what the alarm sounds like I will be hitting the deck. I also just recently became the proud owner of a kevlar vest and helmet which I will be taking to my hutch.

Geez, where was the memo?

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