June 13 – Poros to Korfos

The Alexandros

The Alexandros

Saturday, June 13 – Poros – I arrived in Athens at 6:05 a.m. and was trying to catch up with the Alexandros on Poros the Peloponesse  penisula about 61 km from Athens.  I made it through customs in record time, got my luggage and grabbed a cab.  The driver spoke zero English.  I kept repeating that I wanted to go to Piraeus port.  I would say Piraeus and then the cabbie would say Piraeus, we went back and forth several times.  The ride took about 45 minutes and cost 35 Euro including toll fare and airport pick-up cost.  I arrived at Gate 8 which serves the Saronic Islands, but I had to walk  around a bit to find the fast boat to Poros a flying Dolphin, luckily I made it and when I arrived at Poros, Thanos the captain of the Yacht was waiting for me.  We walked down the sidewalk a bit and there was the boat.  They had held breakfast for me and once breakfast was over we set sail.  I was traveling with two college students from Australia, Nicole had just finished six months of study in Ireland and Juliette was just starting six months of study in Germany.  There was also a couple Malcom and Deborah who live in Libiya because he works in oil for Conoco and then there was the captain Thanos from Greece and his wife and our hostess Alicja from Poland.  The girls had a tendency to hang out on the bow and I decided to join them, I took out my towel and a book; however, the sea turned out to be a bit rough and the bow was cresting up and down, my towel got completely soaked, as did my book, “The Fountainhead,”  I sent both back to the cabin and then proceeded to hold on for dear life as we the bow hit the water hard and we were continually showered with spray.  At one point, the bow went up and we almost lost Juliette, but Nicole grabbed her waist and I managed to catch a leg, we looked like fish flopping on the deck. But it was fun. And salty.

Alicja, who is the hostess and also Thanos’ wife made a delicious lunch that we ate underway; baked tuna, Greek salad, roasted potatoes, and tzatziki.  We stopped after lunch in a small bay of the Island Angistri for a swim.  We snorkled in the bay and saw purple sea slugs, black spiny sea urchins, fish with yellow and blue horizontal strips, which I think was a wrasse (the only fish book was in Polish, Alicja’s native tongue),  a frog like fish that may have been a gobby and then Nicole thought she saw an octopus, but she was wrong.  The water was crystal clear and although not as colorful as other places, nor with as many colorful creatures it was fun to snorkel.

Me in the amphitheatre.

Me in the amphitheatre.

After the swim we headed for Epidavos Island to see the ancient ruins – an amphitheatre that was almost intact.  Malcom and the girls climbed up to the top and I was down at the bottom taking photos.  The girls were posing as if they were gladiators and a woman came up to me and said “No boys.”  “What?” I said.  “Do you speak English?” she asked.  “Yes,”  I replied.  “No boys?” she said again.  I said “I don’t understand.”  I think she was telling me that the girls shouldn’t pose. So she was trying to say “No posing.”  But then when the Greeks did it she didn’t say anything.  I stood in the very center and spoke so that Malcolm and the girls could hear me.  When you stand directly in the middle your voice is amplified and people can hear it from all over the theatre.  A lot of people stood in the middle and sang.  I spent some time in the amplified spot, taking photos with everyone’s camera and talking so Malcolm and the girls could hear me.   Finally a Greek man threw his hands up in the air and started complaining in Greek, I think he wanted a photo of the amplified spot, but in reality I wasn’t  in the center that long, but I was being a bit of a Japanese tourist.  I threw my hands up in the air and moved off the spot.  It was surprising how many of the tourists were Greek.

After visiting the ruins, I took a long afternoon nap and didn’t get up until we had almost arrived in Korfos.  I showered

My cabin

My cabin

and dressed.  The cabin is mainly a bed, it has a small entry way and then a door to the bathroom that is the toilet and the shower,  the shower head is the sink tap that pulls out.  There were two cupboards in the bathroom to store stuff in, one “closet, the size of a small kitchen cupboard and a shelf above the bed.  There was not a lot of room to manuever, but the cabins were comfortable.  One of the things they tell you in the cruise instructions is not to bring too much luggage and they are right, soft suitcases are easy to store, but I don’t know where I would have put my hard suitcase.  In addition you mainly spend your time in your swimsuit, I brought two pairs of pants and about five shirts and it was plenty.  Oh and don’t bother with a blow dryer, curling iron etc.  sometimes at night the boat had electricity, but there was really no room to b e fixing your hair and no need.

We ate dinner as a group right at the taverna where we had docked.  I had Greek salad and shrimp saganaki, which was shrimp in cheese and red sauce.  After dinner I took a brief tour of the town with Nicole and Juliette, looking for dessert, but we were unsuccessful.

That night as I lay on my bed with my hand out the window to try and get some cool air someone came by and grabbed my hand.  I quit sleeping with my hand out the cabin window.

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2 Responses to June 13 – Poros to Korfos

  1. Kari Dean says:

    Oh your trip sounds lovely so far!!! Enjoy the sun and water for me! Thank you for the lovely postcard! We are sailing vicariously with you!
    Love Kari

  2. Lissa says:

    Love that blue, beautiful water! Sounds like a great way to see the islands!

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