Meet the Crew

The Captain

The Captain

The Alexandros is captained by Thanos he has 20 years sailing experience and can captain vessels up to 200 tons. He was born in Greece, but spent 10 years in England and his English is excellent. He will let you sail, and help with the sailing as much or as little as you like.

Alicja is originally from Poland and she met Thanos when



he advertised for a hostess for the Yachting business he was starting. She is an excellent cook, a lovely hostess and a ton of fun. She loves to swim and whenever we stopped for swim she was in the water before you heard the splash. She also swims at night after docking and in the morning before leaving. A bundle of energy, I would often wake up to find her doing “housework” cleaning the bow, cooking, reading and writing long newsy letters to her parents. Her English is also excellent. But her food is fabulous.

One of the best things about sailing with The Alexandros was that not only was breakfast and lunch provided, but it was always excellent. On a lot of other skippered charters you just get the captain and no hostess so you are responsible for meals and let me tell you that tiny kitchen not easy. In addition on the Alexandros, you can learn to sail from Thanos and during our voyage Alicja even taught the girls how to make tzatziki. In the end in seemed like we were family. If your interested visit their web page at

Nicole and Juliette

Nicole and Juliette

Nicole and Juliette were two college students from Australia on holiday. Nicole had just finished six months study abroad in Ireland and Juliette was just starting six months study abroad in Germany. Both are very level-headed and extremely smart. Nicole is studying aviation and is going to be a pilot, Juliette is looking for something in International Relations as she speaks German, French and Australian. They spent most of their time on the bow, loved snorkling and always slept late, as later posted photos will attest too. They were a ton of fun and I was lucky to have ended up on a cruise with them. They traded turns sleeping on the shelf or top bunk in their cabin. And together we were always on the hunt for baclava.

Malcom and Deborah live in Libiya where for the past three years he has worked for Conoco. He is currently looking at a position in Baghdad or Kazakhstan, his wife Deborah is hoping for the latter. They have two grown children their son is serving in Afghanistan and their daughter works for the State Department.

Malcolm and Debrorah

Malcolm and Debrorah

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