June 15 – Ancient Delphi, Galaxidi to Trizonia

The view from DelphiI was waffling back and forth about whether or not to go and see the ancient ruins at Delphi, but since it was really the last island that boasted ruins I thought I should take advantage of it.

Renting a car was $50, so I had decided to take the bus. I woke up around 6:30 a.m. and headed to the coffee shop up near the town square to buy my buss ticket. I had a coffee with all the old Greek men who get up early to have coffee and gossip. The bus was supposed to come at 7:30 a.m. it ended up arriving closer to 8:00 a.m. so I read my book as the sun infiltrated the square. The bakery next door was doing a booming business.

The bus which I paid four Euro for, took me on a 20 minute ride to a neighboring town. At the neighboring town, I had



another cup of coffee while I waited an hour for the bus that would take me up the mountain to Delphi. The bus switchbacked up the mountain and after about an hour Delphi was announced. It was 9:00 a.m. and the next bus down was at 10:30 a.m. and there wasn’t another bus until 1:30 p.m. I knew that Thanos was only planning on us being in Galaxidi in the morning so I decided to see what I could see and catch the 10:30 bus back to meet the boat no later than 12:30 p.m.

At first I couldn’t find the ruins, but some helpful townspeople pointed me in the right direction. From the bus stop it was about a quarter of a mile walk. It turns out the museum is closed on Monday mornings and there was no way that I was going to make it past the front entrance in the amount of time I had. So I saw the ruins perched precariously between the mountains, but I didn’t see them. After about spending a half an hour just looking from the outside, I booked it back to town. It was quaint town designed for tourists with lots of shops, but I didn’t have time to stop. I made it to the bus station at 10:20 a.m., purchase my ticket and then waited for the bus, which of course arrived 15 minutes late at 10:45 a.m.

I took the front seat in the bus next to a charming French couple, he was an Opera singer and she was . . . I can’t remember. They were ferrying about the islands and said that Delphi had been very interesting. I had been the only one on the boat to go, because Nicole said, she wasn’t really interested in seeing ruins that were really ruined and Juliette couldn’t go without Nicole. I advised Nicole not to go to Chinese museums which are for the most part due to the cultural revolution a collection of shards.

Not more than 10 minutes into the bus trip, a women with a slight beard and mustache got on the bus. It was nearly empty, but she wanted to sit in the front also, so I gave her the inside seat where she proceeded to carry on a very loud conversation, so loud I could barely speak to the French couple, with the bus driver. Thank goodness she got off a couple of stops later. As we made different stops, the bus gained more and more passengers, the bus driver would occasionally crack the window and smoke his cigarette or talk on his cell phone, but what was really scary was when he passed other vehicles and it looked like we were headed for a head on collision. At least we were the biggest thing on the road.

After we wound down the mountain we picked up a hunk of people in one town and I ended up next to a Grandma with big dyed blond hair, nicely styled who tried to make conversation with me. She did offer me gum and managed to teach me the correct pronunciation of Galaxidi after making me say it about 25 times, but she was elderly I had to; by the way it’s Galax CD, with a little bit of a “th” lisp on the C.

I made it back to town right at noon. The night before when I had been peering in shop windows I though I had found my Greek frog. I have a frog collection and it is usually what I try and find for myself in a country a unique frog. So I entered the shop and checked out the frog, which there was a price on, but it was actually an Italian frog venetian to be exact. It was quite ornate, sort of like Greek Orthodox churches, but nope it wasn’t Greek, instead I purchased two antique picture frames.

My next stop was a small shop where I bought a box of baclava to share with the girls and a bottle of red wine. Alicja mainly serves white wine because it is so hot so it is more refreshing, but I wanted some red before I went back to the prohibition land. Finally, as I was walking back to the boat I saw the cutest dress in the window and knew that I needed it for my baby’s around the world outfit collection. Amelia, who my friend Tami gave birth to is actually my baby, or at least I call her that. Due to the fact that her husband Chris has one brother, I get to be her Aunt. It will be perfect for Greek Easter. My shopping actually took me 15 minutes, it would have taken me less, but I think the man in the antique shop was actually watching the shop for his wife and it took him almost 10 minutes to find out the price on the frames, which hadn’t been marked.

I made it back to the boat by 12:30 p.m. and we got underway. The gang had been a little worried about me, so I felt relieved that I had decided to take the 10:30 a.m. bus back rather than the 1:30 p.m.

Shortly after we got underway, we had lunch, toast pizza, delicious and green peppers stuffed with feta, Greek salad and of course baclava for dessert, it was soooo good, dripping honey. We had other baclava from the island of Ithaca, but it didn’t compare.

Nicole's Water Entry

Nicole's Water Entry

The girls and I headed out to the bow, Thanos warned us that it was going to be rough, but it wasn’t and we were disappointed. There is something about the spray splashing up that is really refreshing. The only excitement was that Deborah was driving the boat and she’s a bit short, so we kept on getting yelled at to get down because she couldn’t see over our heads.

Nicole and I had a big conversation about her future plans, our beliefs and our lives, I was very impressed with the maturity of both Nicole and Juliette and it was fun just hanging out and talking with them. Nicole has two sisters and one brother and she is the oldest. She also owns a motorbike that she loves to ride. She and Juliette have been friends since childhood. She talked about studying aviation, sibling issues, parental units and her love of aviation. I always feel like I’m doing the world tour thing about 10 to 12 years too late, but then again I’ve always been a late bloomer.

Late in the day we stopped in a small bay off the mainland for a swim. We dropped anchor in a small bay inbetween the mainland and a small uninhabited island called Glaronisi Island or Seagull Island. Alicja and I swam out to the island, once again I saw a ton of sea urchins and sea cucs, all the color of purple. Once again Alicja washed her hair and Juliette did also. It’s really very practical, but then it seemed like almost everything Alicja does, except her collection of sea items, is very practical.

We arrived in Trizonia, a little bit before sunset, it is a very, very small port. But it has three places to eat, an internet



dessert cafe and a Greek chruch, the entire tour of the town took about five minutes, well a little more because we peeked in the church windows.

Thanos’ brother and his girlfriend joined us in Trizonia, they had brought a ton of zuccini, other vegetables and stuff from Thanos’ parents. It seems that his father, who is a doctor, likes to garden, so as passengers on the Alexandros we benefit from his hobby.

I loved Trizonia, we ate together as a group in one of the taverns, I had a very large piece of sole, split a Greek salad with Nicole, but believe it or not no one served baclava. It’s almost like you have to buy it at the sweet shop not the bakery, but a different type of shop and most restaurants don’t seem to serve it. Of the 10 or 15 restaurants that we had looked at on Galaxidi not one of them served baclava, who would have thought that it would have been so difficult to find.

Nicole was cold during dinner so she hibernated into her sweatshirt. After dinner, Thanos and Alicja saw his brother off and the girls and I went to the local dessert/coffee place, which once again did not have baclava to use the internet. So we checked e-mails, responded and ate very dry cake until we returned to the boat, where we had baclava at about 1:00 a.m.

Peepers, Nicole was looking too until she noticed my camera.

Peepers, Nicole was looking too until she noticed my camera.

Nicole's dinner attire

Nicole's dinner attire

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