June 20 – Meganisi to Scorpios to Lefkas

On the way to Lefkas

On the way to Lefkas

My last day on the boat.  When we arrived at Lefkas at around 3:00 p.m. I would be getting off the boat and catching a bus to Athens.  After breakfast and Alicja’s morning swim we took off to check out Aritotle Onassis’ private island Scorpios for our morning swim.  This actually ended up being the best swim.  We couldn’t set foot on the island, but we could swim all around it.  There were lots of little fish, and some star tube worms, orange that when I moved to touch them they would retreat back into their white tubes.

I swam around a little jetty on the island, staying close to shore on the way around and further out on the way back.  The rock formations were intesting and in addition there were fish, that rest on their front fins on the sand and move very quickly when you approach them.  As I was headed back towards the boat, I almost collidied with Alicja who was headed around the jetty the way that I had come.

After we swam for about an hour and a half, we set sail for Lefkas.  The island of Lefkas is where the Alexandros

Floating mountain

Floating mountain

normally moors and departs from, this trip that departed from Athens was a special trip offerered only once in the summer.

I had some wine that I had purchased and hadn’t finished so before, during and after lunch Alcija kept the wine coming.  I had been given a small bottle of red wine by the owner of the pizza palor where I had eaten on Meganisi and after it was finished Alcija reminded me that  I had wanted to do a message in a bottle.  So I wrote my message, corked it and threw it into the Ionian Sea.    As we sailed closer and closer to Lefkas it seemed like we were surrounded by islands and that they were close.

In the narrow canal to get to the Lefkas port, a  ship had gotten trapped in the shallows, we watched several ships pass it by and then we stopped to help.  The woman on the other boat came over in the dingy and gave us a rope and we rocked it off the shallows, after they were unstuck she came back with a bottle of wine as a thank you.  It was surprising to me that the ships coming from the other direction wouldn’t help.

Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle

As predicted we arrived in Lefkas around 3:00 p.m. Alcija and Thanos, went to stock up on supplies for the next trip around the Ionian Islands, Malcolm and Debrorah who were staying for another week hung out on the boat and I headed over to a cafe to see if I could get internet and download the weekly reports so I could write my weekly report.  I couldn’t get internet on my computer, but the cafe worker had a computer and I was able to access my e-mail on his computer I then downloaded all the reports onto flash and started my report.  Thanos said that he would come get me at the cafe around 4:15 or 4:30 p.m. and take me to the bus station, my bus was at 5:00 p.m. but as it neared 4:30 I got antsy and headed back to the boat where he was just finishing unloading the supplies.  Alcija had bought me olives and muesli, yum.

Thanos dropped me off at the bus station and right as the bus was taking off I started looking for my camera and I

Message away

Message away

couldn’t find it.  I was a little bit panicked.  I didn’t want to be without a camera, luckily the bus went right by the boat and I was able to convince the bus driver to stop.  I got out and told Malcolm and Alcija that I thought I had left my camera and they did a mad search for it, but didn’t find it;  Alicjia however, did come out with the cherries that I had bought in Ithaca.  I climbed back on the bus went through my bag completely and found my camera.  I didn’t share that news with the bus driver though.  It was a five hour drive to Athens with several stops to pick up people and one stop for a restroom break and  dinner.  I spent most of the ride working on my weekly which I almost finished.  When we stopped for dinner I sat with two young girls who were attending school in Athens, one was studying music, their English was very good.



We arrived at the bus station and I caught a cab with a young man, I started to get nervous when he put another guy in the cab with me and then as we were under way I asked him how much it would cost to get to the hotel where I was going.  He said 25 euros, I said bullshit, let me out.  He dropped me at the hotel and I paid him 7 euros, I should have reported him to the police, but when I went inside to check in he had dropped me at the wrong hotel.  The woman at the desk was very nice and said the ride should have cost about 5 euros so I didn’t feel that bad, but I had to go out to the taxi cue and catch another cab to the Acropolis House where I was staying.  He had dumped me at the Acropolis Hotel.  The next cab ride cost 3 euros and the Acropolis House was located in an area where he couldn’t drive so I had to get out and walk a bit.  I finally got to my hotel at midnight.

After settling in my non air conditioned room I finished my report and sent it off.  I finally made it to bed at 2:00 p.m.

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