We interrupt the Greece trip to bring you an update on Basra

We had incoming direct fire last week, with no casualties or deaths, but last night we took IDF at 9:15 p.m. and three American soldiers died. After the troops pulled back from the towns I thought that we would see an increase in violence and IDF, but it has been surprisingly calm down here until last night.

It seems that there has been an increase in violence in the North, but not so much in Basra; however, all the PSD guys I talk to are expecting it to go “t*ts up” any moment. I’m moving to a hutch that is basically in a bunker, which is good because it means I won’t have to run for the bunker anymore. The Basra airport has been handed over to Iraqi Security Forces and now our vehicles are checked for bombs when we enter through the Alpha Gate. The PSDs are reporting difficulty getting in and out the second Alpha gate controlled by Iraqis. The Iraqis have been refusing to let them in and or out and they make them go through the Delta, they have been asking for bribes, telling them what weapons they can and cannot carry. At the airport they won’t let them bring their radios into the airport and make them move their cars because they can.

The American Ambassador to Iraq was targeted by a roadside bomb, it exploded as his convoy was driving through Thi Qar province on Sunday, July 12, no one was injured, but the attack occurred two weeks after the withdrawal.

Not sure what is next.  But don’t worry I’m ducking and covering every chance I get.

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One Response to We interrupt the Greece trip to bring you an update on Basra

  1. Kari Dean says:

    We are praying for your safety!!!!!

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