Opps False Alarm

Well, I’m the only MC staff left on the B & B and my colleague from IRD has left, so it has been pretty much just me. I usually eat dinner with some of the PSD (Personal Security Detail) guys from Olive Group, but other than that it is me, myself and I.

I was helping my IRD colleague get out of here, mailing some stuff to Spain for her, then I had to move the MC office to her old office and we were transferring some inventory on Weds. On Thursday at lunch we went to the new beauty parlor that has opened to have pedicures. As we sat there and got our feet worked on soldiers kept coming in I thought they would just be getting haircuts, but no, they were having manicures, pedicures and facials, it was a bit funny to watch. Particularly when this mountain of a man, left the facial chair with goo still on his face to have a pedicure. But good for them.

That evening to celebrate my colleague’s departure we went out for milkshakes at Echos, as we were sitting there, the IDF (Incoming Direct Fire) Alarm went off, we immediately dropped to the floor. We weren’t in a very good place, anywhere near the Americans is not a good place when IDF is arriving. But it turned out to be a false alarm, what was weird was watching other people’s reactions to the alarm. Most of the American soldiers and PSDs dropped to the ground, but a group of American soldiers went running out of the restaurant and then a minute later came running back in. I think they were trying to get to the bunker, but you only have four seconds from when the alarm first sounds to get to a bunker and most people are killed when they are running to the bunker. But at least they tried to get to safety. A group of about four PSD guys, not sure who they were with, just kept playing pool. I think they thought it made them look cool. In reality we were all just thinking how stupid they were.

So, Basra remains the same except all the friends that I have made are now gone. But I guess that is the nature of this place, people come and go.

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One Response to Opps False Alarm

  1. Martine says:

    Keep yourself safety, we hope to see you on september, after our trip to japon.

    Love from ours french friends


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