Back in Basra

So I’m back in Iraq. I feel like that scene in the movie Jurassic Park where they start out in the car, then are in the tree, the car chases them down the tree and then Timmy says, “Well were back in the car.”

I had a great break and not sure what is next, I’m supposed to be headed to Africa, so hopefully that will happen soon, in the meantime I’ve decided that I buy into Hugh Prather’s idea that happiness is an essential part of a life well-lived. So during my remaining time in Iraq I will be working with Hugh through his book “The Little Book of Letting Go,” a revolutionary 30-day program to cleanse your mind. The idea is with everything in my life up in the air, to not worry about the future.

So for those of you who know me, you know what a worry wort I am so this should be a challenge. But after this year, I’ve decided that it’s important to be able to be happy no matter what you are doing or where you are at. So if I can achieve mental peace in a war zone, the rest should be cake, right? So I’ve already had two kicks in the ass. One, I left my ID in the states, which I didn’t discover until I was on the way to the airport in France, so I let it bother me for a bit, then came up with a plan and it all worked out. Second, the R & R policy just changed for us here in Iraq, it was the Regional Director’s last gift to the expat staff. Our R & R now starts on the day we fly out of Iraq, instead of the day we fly out of Amman, Kuwait or Istanbul. But as I’ve been informed R & R isn’t for travel it’s just to get you out of the country that’s at war. So I just shrugged my shoulders when I was told, after all we probably do have too many perks working in Iraq. Lol.

Right now I’m on the chapter “Letting Go of Mental Pollutants.” Wish me luck.

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