Two days into it and I’m doing well

So far not anxious and everything is well, of course I’m only two days into it and trying to get back into my battle routine. Well actually everything isn’t going perfectly, so far I have no hot water in my shower and the toilet isn’t working, but those are minor. Today, I start back on my workout routine, my goal is to lose 10 to 20 pounds.

The good news is that the food isn’t all that great so already I’m not eating as much. In the meantime I have gained a new job title the PWD and Gender Project Coordinator and that is about all the news that is fit to print.

As far as working on my letting go not worrying about the future Mr. Prather and I are on release number 6, I am going to identify the dominant or most persistent feeling of distribance I’ve had in the last few hours or in the last few days or weeks and the next time I experience it I’m supposed to sit quietly with the emotion and write down every though I notice. Don’t worry I’m not going to do it here. (I say that to reassure one of my regular blog readers, Tom, he hates touchy, feely stuff). I think the biggest distribance I’ve been having is I recently met a new PSD guy and he keeps e-mailing me calling me gorgoreous. Definately disconcerting.

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One Response to Two days into it and I’m doing well

  1. Tom says:

    Tom also hates stories of human triumph. So even if this 30 day plan works and you end up the happiest aid worker in the world, please try not to go on too much about it in your blog.

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