Why America is where it is at today.

Facebook is incredibly interesting the debates that happen over one person’s post.  So one of my Facebook buddies posted this:  “Why is it everytime I turn around Obama is disappointing me.”  This of course set off a hail storm of comments about how Obama sucks and how he is responsible for the depression one woman even blamed him for torture.  This was my favorite post:

“Fox News is a wealth of GOOD information. If they don’t have the facts yet, they tell you. And they are always saying here’s the information, now form your OWN opinion. If you don’t like Fox News its because you are a democrat!!

The housing market down sprial is the result of 2 things. One, yes builders and everyone saw a boom in the market and took advantage of it, who wouldn’t. And if it had been that alone we would have recovered easily. But no, this lovely President we had called Clinton, decided to change the criteria for home loans with Freddy Mae & Mac so the banks had to follow. Not since the 80’s have we seen such a problem with housing. And if you want documentation on that I can get it for you.

And our economic situation is not the worst since the Great Depression. Has everyone forgot (I know we were young) sitting in line for gas in the 80’s?? The prime rate reaching almost 20%??

As far as a National Health Care, I won’t even go there….”

So first of all, everyone knows that Fox news is a wealth of misinformation, even reporters for Fox news know that.   We actually get Fox news in Iraq and it’s funny because the Brits, Australians ans other nationalities view it as entertainment.  They can’t believe the commentary.  One of the Brits said to me, “My God, they the commentator convincted the man before he even had a trial.  How is that news?  I didn’t have an anwer for him. 

As far as Clinton deregulating the banks, that didn’t cause the recession, the fact that the oversights and enforcements that were in place weren’t used and financial institutions started acquiring businesses in which they had no experience are all part of the current financial situation.  That and human greed, the need that Americans have to keep up with the Joneses.   She talks about how not since the 1980’s have we had such a problem with housing, in the 1980’s was when our homeless problem started because of Reagan who took away a lot of low income housing.

And finally, how can you blame the current ecomonic situation on Obama, he inherited it.  When I went home in December, before he took office we were in the middle of it. 

I think what is hardest for me to stomach is when people debate like Fox news reports, they base their opinions or little of inaccurate information.  What is most difficult for me right now, is how much the Republicans hate Obama.  When America lost the bid for the Olympics they were happy.  How you can you hate someone so much that you would be happy that your country failed; just so you could chalk it up to a failure on your President’s part.  As much as I didn’t like Bush, I never wanted to see America fail.  It’s a sad state of affairs that are elected officials are acting like high schoolers, cliquey high schoolers. 

We should all be disgusted.

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