Blindsided again

It was interesting right after I posted on mean girls and my confrontation with one from the past, I got blindsided by one in my work sphere.  It’s a long story and doesn’t bear repeating, but she had dumped on me once, than came back and wanted to be friends because she wanted something again, and then I guess when my usefulness was over she dumped on me again.  I told her that I didn’t appreciate being used by her and called her on her behvaior.  What was amazing was the gyrations she went threw trying to justify herself when there was absolutely no reasonable justification except perhaps self-centeredness.  I wish I could tell the whole story, becuase it’s really amazing, but someday I’ll write about it in my book about my Iraq experience.  I think I’m going to call it “Cursed by God”  reflective of the fact that uneducated Arabs think that people with disabilities are cursed by God and my experience.  

In the meantime I’ve ordered the book “Mean Girls Grown Up”  I don’t want to be blindsided anymore.  It’s sad that when you are naive and trusting you can get completely runover.  I’ve also learned that in a situation like this, where you are very isolated and your support group is far away that it’s important to be a little more guarded, maybe not let people in so quickly because the isolation makes drama ten times worse than if you can go home at night or get away from it.  That and I need to get better at spotting drama queens quicker so I can distance myself.

Not much else is going on in Basra.  The NGO group stationed on the base, MC, RTI and TRC have recommenced Friday lobster night at the DFAC, yum.  Upon my return from Basra, I was tailgated by a humvee.  I had my colleague in the car and I heard this squeaking noise and I turned to him and said is someone honking, we both looked at each other and then I turned down the radio and looked behind me to see a humvee that was hauling laying on it’s horn which was wimpy.  It sounded like a little squeak, like something you would find on a VW or something, I moved over and let them pass, after all they had a huge gun.  I guess I had gotten in the middle of a convoy. 

Then on my way back I got passed by the Private Security Detail of the British Embassy driving likes bats out of hell and I know I didn’t interrupt their convoy.  It’s Thrusday which means the weekend is coming up, but I also have been sick, I must have ate something at the guesthouse in Basra that didn’t sit well with me, because I have had knifing stomach pains for two days and been unable to eat anything.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to eat tonight.

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