Basra Update

All has been calm in Basra as far as IDF goes since I left on August 31, which was about the time RTI another NGO brought in two new guys so Shaun from RTI thinks they are our good luck charms.  Although we haven’t had IDF, there have been a couple of gate incidents, where the military has shut down the Alpha or the Delta gate.  The last one which occurred Tuesday, was a lockdown so we all had to stay in our compounds until the all clear which I never heard.  I have to attend a security meeting at the request of the Mayor’s cell on Saturday so it will be interesting to hear what is going on.

They still have Charlie Brown’s Dad doing the annoucements Waa, waah, waah, waaa Alpha Gate waah, waaa, waa.  The only time I heard the annoucement clearly was when I was in the PX.  The PX has expanded and is huge although all the shelves are low enough for a clear line of site.  The big news this week is that Burger King and Pizza Hut have opened, but I’m currently trying to drop the ten pounds I put over break, so I’ll have to check them out later.  It has also been humid here lately, I wake up and my carpet is wet and my sandals are wet from the humidity. 

Work wise I’ve been tasked with organizing the four trainings that we have to give under Objective II, so I have been going through all the materials and am working to create training manuals.  Last Sunday I went to church and my two buddies from the Red Bull Troops, Jennifer and Kim were there, it was great to see them. 

I still feel like I’m in limbo, waiting on Africa, but at least I have something to do.

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