Another Convoy

I had to meet our driver at the airport today to deliver of all things a BBQ for the gang in town.  On the way back into the camp there were 21 trucks waiting to get in through the gate.  I got behind the last truck and prepared to wait, there were two cars, one van and one PSD truck in the second lane next to the line of trucks, it looked like they were trying to sneak in.  As I prepared to enter between the cement walls, the guy in the silver truck, the PSD guy yelled for me to let him in.  I told him I didn’t want to wait, that Iwas outside the wire without arms.  He said, “Idon’t care! That’s my convoy.”  I said, “Well if you don’t care I don’t care,” 

He then proceeded to try and get in ahead of one of his trucks, then he changed his mind and came back and knocked on my window.  I didn’t want to open my window to him and at first I ignored him, then I rolled it down.  He was yelling at me that he had to be in his convoy because they are all counted together.  I told him when he got some manners I would care.  But then I let him in. 

He then went and whined to the American Military who guards the gate.  I felt bad for them.  And I apologized to Johnson for having to deal with that.  Then after I got through they were waiting for me and the gate commander came up and explained how convoys worked.  I told him that was fine, but why if he was the last vehicle wasn’t he in line with his convoy and I also told him that there was nothing to indicate that the silver PSD truck was part off the convoy.  And then I told the guys that it wouldn’t be a problem if the guy had manners, but that I didn’t appreciate him not caring that I didn’t want to be waiting to get in the gate, when there had been three gate incidents this week.   Then I apologized to the gate commander.

The PSD guy said, “We deal with IEDs and that stuff all the time,”  I turned to him and said, “And that’s your choice and you get paid well to do it so don’t complain to me.”  PSD can make $400 a day, that is way more than the army makes, I thought it was in extremely poor taste to brag about what he’s subject too, in front of military personnell that make 1/4 of what he makes and take the same if not more risks.

The guy and his buddy then started yelling at me and I asked the army guy if I could be excused and he said yes, so I took off. 

I don’t mind following the rules when I know what they are, but what I hate is when those guys puff up their chests and try and intimidate you.

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