Weather Change

Well the weather finally changed last night on November 19, it was the first night it about 8 months that I turned off the air conditioner.  Then I woke up with the beginnings of a cold. 

Today at lunch we had turkey pancakes, gross, I ended up eating salad and fries.  Sometimes the food is o.k. Friday nights are steak night on the B & B, or lobster, crab legs and steak at the DFAC.  One Sunday I was lucky enough to have stir fry at the DFAC for lunch it was delicious.  The food here at the B & B is hit and miss, but you can usually find something o.k. to eat at the DFAC, but it’s a bit far to go so I only go about once a week.

One of the things that I’ve noticed about being in a situation like this is that little things seem bigger than they would in other situations, I think its because there aren’t a lot of other outlets.  People particularly seem to get more agitated and sensitive the closer they get to leave.  Most people are on two months to nine weeks and then off three weeks to a month.  At Mercy Corps we work nine weeks and get 10 days off. It seems that the men with wives and children back home have the worst of it; particularly when things are going well.  Everyone deals in different ways.  Almost everyone works out, because there isn’t a lot else to do, then some people retreat into their trailers and silence, some regularly go out to the local “restaurant” Echos for tea or food.  Others spend their evenings talking to their families on Skype.  Everyone has different coping mechanisms, but all seem to break down upon on occassion. 

Whatever you do, the environment seems to eventually get to you.  Sometimes I feel tired with no visable cause.  My colleague Shaun says that it’s the stress of living here, but I don’t particularly feel stressed.  He says sub-consciously we are stressed.  Who knows.

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