Flooding in Basra

No don’t be alarmed it was just my toilet.  Since I got back from home leave, my toilet has been running about once a week.  Normally I just prop up the floater and it stops and then goes back to normal, but not this time; this time it ran and ran and ran.  I had gone to the airport to pick up some paperwork from the office when they were dropping off three of my colleagues to take the Iraqi Air flight to Baghdad, but it was cancelled.  Here in Iraq we have the enshallah method of transportation, if God wills it, it will happen. 

So I brought my colleagues on base for some shopping at the PX and coffee at Echos, the local restaurant, after I returned them to the airport, I went back to my room to start writing to discover it was half flooded.  There is a drain in the bathroom, it was covered by a metal plate.  So instead of writing this afternoon I had workers in and out of my room and the door is open so I have a ton of new visitors in the form of flies.  I think I’ve killed 50 of them so far.  Not very hospitible of me, but they are pesky buggers. 

It seems odd that just as it’s getting cold we are having a fly invasion.  So I’m sitting here at my desk covered with books, papers, one banana, two bags of muesli, speakers, a box of Kleenex . . . it’s a huge mess, typing on my blog with the fly swatter in close range. 

One side of my bedspread got soaked in the flood, so they changed my bedspread, but they left one side sitting on the wet floor so it’s now wet again. 

In addition  there is a cleaning smell in my room so I have  a headache.  Wow, what a day off.  Now if you’ll excuse me there is cocky fly sitting on my flyswatter.

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One Response to Flooding in Basra

  1. Martine C says:

    Emilie shoud be unhappy with you: she hates flies !!
    bzzz; bzzz

    love from France


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