After the flood

Last night I went to a dinner party at Jacq’s.  I brought the hors d’oeuvres, chips and salsa, Shaun brought dessert, cookies.  Six of us met at Jacq’s then we headed into the DFAC to get steaks and food and brought them back to Jacq’s office where we ate by candlelight.  Well at least the environment was a change.

I woke up this morning and my carpet is still soaked I’m going to see how long it takes to dry out or smell funny.  I’m betting it smells funny before it dries out.  Shaun one of my NGO colleagues keeps threatening me that he is going to grow mushrooms under my bed.  I’ve decided I’m going to wait and see how long before I can’t stand it any longer and then I’m going to go beg them to changed my carpet.  It actually rained almost all day today so I went from wet carpet to wet ground, at least my wet carpet prepared me for the dampness outside. 

The wet carpet is so cold in the mornings I can’t do anything without slipping 0n my Birks first. 

Tonight Jacq and I are going over for Indian food at another compound so that should be something different.

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