Living in the Marshlands aka my trailer

Well it’s day two after the great flood and my room is now starting to smell halfway between moldy mushroom and wet dog, by tomorrow it should be pretty intolerable.  I asked them to take care of it today and they said they would but so far it still smells like I have an extremely large wet dog in my room, it sort of looks like it too with all the sandy footprints that are trailing across the carpet.

Last night I was invited to Indian food at another  compound, they served chicken tikka, hummus, thinly sliced onions and green peppers and steaks, it was delicious and a nice change up from the grub here.  Afterwards they had Karoke, the sign said “Caution Dodgy Karokee” and it was right, but it was fun and change from my normal social calendar, which is mainly eating at different  places.  They also had a pool table and I was coerced into playing, boy am I a bad pool player, but I didn’t lose for two reasons.  My opponent was kind enough to give me some pointers and he scratched on the eight ball. 

Still  super tired, everyone is attributing it to the change in weather, whatever it is I hope it goes away soon, all I want to do is sleep.  Well I’m off to work out and maybe figure out some nose plugs.

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