The Great Pillowcase Drama

For those of you who follow my blog regularly, you know that I have had numerous fights with the laundry trying to recover the sacred frog pillowcase.  Every time I get a new cleaner, he takes it puts it in the laundry and then it takes me two weeks to recover it.   This usually happens when I go on R & R, after its recovered then the management informs the cleaner not to touch the pillowcase. 

So I got a new cleaner,  our old cleaning guy was better, but they needed him for some fussier clients.  So, it was bed linen day and I happened to come back to my room in time to snatch the sacred frog pillowcase from the black hole of the laundry.  Actually the pillowcase isn’t really the sacred part of the equation, it is actually the pillow that is sacred; I have had it since I was a child and it is flat, I don’t like fluffy pillows.  However, the pillow case is what designates it as MINE!

I put the frogs back on the sacred pillow and put the other pillowcase in the laundry, thinking that they would put it back in circulation.  It came back with my clean laundry, so I left it on the arm of the chair thinking the cleaner would pick it up.  He didn’t.  So then I put it out on the step and it was brought back with my laundry.  I left it on the arm of the chair again and there it remained until bed linen day, when I put it in with the bed linens, it came back with my clean laundry yesterday, Saturday.  Today I walked into my room and the frog pillowcase was gone and the sacred pillow was encased in the normal pillowcase; I thought I was going to have to go through the hassle of tracking down the frogs again when I spotted them in the laundry hamper.  I took off the normal case, redressed my pillow in frogs and then took the offending case into the management’s office, where I told my story to the two people who could communicate with my cleaning guy not to mess with the frogs.  I left their pillowcase with them and asked them to please tell my cleaner that I will put the frogs in the laundry when I feel they need to be washed. 

Gosh I hope this is resolved, but somehow I doubt it.  Tune in tomorrow for ellipitcal ecstasy.

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