Well I was walking along with 5 bazillion things on my mind perusual; when  I tripped over something or my own feet, or didn’t pick my foot up far enough, something which happens to me quite a bit, but usually I catch myself, but not this time. 

I tried to catch myself, but to no avail I fell on my knees and then my hands and then rolled onto my left shoulder.  The first thing to penetrate my consciousness was the pain.  Because of the peronial nerve damage in my lower right leg I’m usually oblious to pain down there, but this hurt like a mother bear.  So I slowly rolled over to survey the damage and the blood was seeping through my pants right below the knee where my skingraft is.  I carefully rolled up my pant leg and it didn’t look great plus the pain made me think it might have gone all the way to the bone.  I knew I needed to see a doctor to be sure. 

I called for help; the RTI office was right next to my spill.  I cried out, “Michael help me!”  Micheal came running out and helped me get up and then he helped me stop the bleeding.  He and Kim helped me limp to the car to go to the medical center.  I don’t have primary care with the military so they will only treat me for life, limb or eyeball, but because it was my skingraft, I knew I had to get them to look at it.  Skingrafts are delicate if they get infected you lose them and if the bone gets infected you lose your leg.  As I assessed whether or not I should go to the doctor, I kept thinking if I lose my leg my Mom, is gonna kill me.  

If the bone was exposed I would need stiches, antibiotics and possibly a tetnus shot, if it was just the skingraft I would just need it cleaned, some antibiotics and then I would have to do wound care.  Luckily I hadn’t cut through to the bone, so the doctor took x-rays to be sure the bone wasn’t affected and then examined it PAINFUL, cleaned me up and gave me a course of antibiotics to be sure. 

I was one of the few patients in the hospital and it seemed like everyone was curious about my previous injuries; they had never seen injuries like mine or heard anyone rattle off obscure allergies and all their injuries with textbook precision.  The staff was all great and they took great care of me.  But the doctor reminded me that they would just be able to take care of me initially and there would be no follow up. 

I limped back to the car, back to my room and spent the rest of the day with my leg elevated.  The good news is even if there is a scar; no one will notice.

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One Response to Opps

  1. Kari Dean says:

    oh my gosh!!! So glad you are OK!!! Is the pain a little better today?

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