Our Guesthouse in the middle of Our Street

Our Street

The office and guesthouse which are actually one and the same the bottom two floors of a giant house are the office, the third floor is the guesthous and the penthouse is the Country Director’s living space.  The house on the outside looks like a small hacienda, all four floors have a kitchen, there is tile throughout, and fancy shell shaped sconces in most of the rooms with fans and air conditioning.  In the main rooms the chandeliers are worthy of a grand hallway. 

There is actually a 20 ft hallway from the exterior front door to the front door, the guards hang out there and there is a courtyard on either side also tiled no grass.  The windows are very modern with deep red metal trip and fancy gratework on the outside rather than bars keeps it from feeling like a prison. 

Although it is beautiful, it is poorly designed and once you start turning things on you realize just how poorly designed.  After a night of sleeping on a twin bed with a mattress that most likely has a weight limit of 60 lbs and a pillow that may very well have been stolen from the neighbors’ rock garden, I went to shower.  There was no shower apparatus, but it really didn’t matter because there was no water.  So,  I searched out the bathroom next door.  There was a little water and I had just gotten most of the soap out of my hair before the well dryed up.  So I went to work one quarter showered.

The other grand buildings on our street

The next morning I gave up showering on my end and went over to borrow my roommates/officemates’ shower as she had informed me it was the most reliable.  It was, I ended up with all of me showered.  That night the toilet stopped working.  So I had ended up with the fancy master bedroom with the attached bathroom, but it didn’t really matter.  In addition, water started to leak in both the bathrooms and the hall bathroom was giving off a funny sewage smell with addition to being a bit of a steam room due to the water and the heat.

Finally yesterday the toilet and the shower got fixed so this morning I actually got to shower in the master bath.

Coming up next, chicken in Sudan priceless and for everything else there is no Mastercard.

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