The Golden Chicken

So I took my first trip to a grocery store last week, because although I’m staying in the guesthouse, I have to cook for myself.  I of course went to the most expensive grocery store where all the expats shop and I ended up paying about $50 for groceries not bad.  However, I bought some chicken breasts and they were either sprinkled with gold or imporated, because they cost me about $17, which I didn’t realized until I got back to the guesthouse. 

In my defense I’m still getting used to the currency exchange and have not yet figured out exactly how much I’m spending.   I have also started looking at apartments, I was and  still most likely will move in with my friend from the UN, but she lives about 3 miles from the office, not really walking distance particularly during the summer months which are coming up when Khartoum turns into a sauna, but after looking at only one apartment yesterday I feel kind of done and like I should just bite the bullet and figure out the transportation maybe I’ll buy a bike; however, people are very discouraging about biking and walking.  So I’ll see.

In Sudan, the North is predominantly Muslim, but the women here cover more loosely and wear bright colors.  The Sudanese eat breakfast at 11:00 a.m. it is always beans and bread.  Usually a group of people eat out of one large plate, dipping the bread in and yes, double-dipping does occur.  A Sudanese even if they are poorer than poor will always offer you something to drink and if they are eating they will always invite you to have some. 

I tried the beans they were very tasty, well flavored, I could have sworn there was garlic in them.  Although they share plates with ten people or more, the men eat with the men and the women eat with the women. 

There are some paved roads, but no real sidewalks and the dirt here is red; sometimes when I’m walking along I feel like Pigpen, kicking up a cloud of dust in my wake.

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