The Hiss

I was to work on Tuesday morning thinking of everything I needed to do when I looked up right before I collided with a man — he hissed at me.  I hissed back refraining from raising both my hands to the side of my head and making the snake fang sign. 

I limped into work, plopped down in my desk turned to my office mate Hannah and said.  “I got hissed at this morning.”   

“Men here do that when they are trying to get your attention,”  she explained.  I rolled my eyes I already get talked at in English by every Mohammad, Ali and Khairi.  Honked at by every tuk tuk, and taxi and a lot off cars; now I can look forward to the hiss. 

“What did you do?”  she asked. 

“Well I thought he was pissed because he is a male and I didn’t get out of his way.  So, I hissed back.”  She lauged. 

I asked our admins officer for confirmation of what hte hissing noise signify.  He confirmed what Hannah had told me and laughed hysterically when I told him I had hissed back. 

Oh well, that’ssssssssssssss liffffffffffe.

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