The Quirks of Different Cultures

I’m down in Juba this week, I actually had a direct flight from Khartoum rather than stopping in Wau. I will be here for nine days meeting with my M & E team and thenI’m headed to Agok which is in Abyei to eat goat meat and rice and live in a tent.

Starting yesterday we have had frequent, but short heavy rains, which creates a cooling effect in the air, it’s very nice. Here in the south although they raise cows and goats there is no fresh dairy so when you order coffee and you want milk in it they put in powder milk called NIDO. It is all over Sudan.

In addition I have just learned that in South Sudan you cannot put your underwear in the laundry. So up in Khartoum when I lived at the guesthouse our cleaner washed all our clothes down here you have to wash your own underwear.

Currently I’m staying at the Shalom Hotel which is similar to the trailer I lived in, in Iraq. It is starting to get really hot up in the 114, but it also looks like th rainy season is on its way. The rainy season basically halts everything in Sudan, because it makes the roads unpassable so supplies can’t be delivered and construction can’t be done. It is very difficult to get from one place to another. Juba where I currently am has about two paved roads, as you are driving through the dirt roads you pass cement huts with thatched roofs and animals, goats and chickens are all over the roads.

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