Interesting things in Juba

In my previous post I said that it looked like the huts are made of cement, but they are not, they are real mude huts. They make a frame of bamboo and then cover it with mud and then on top there is a thatched roof.

Yesterday I sat down at the restaurant in the hotel where I’m staying and I said, “I’ll have two poached eggs please, but I would like the yolks, the yellow part in them this time.” I spent several minutes with the woman clarifying what the yolks are and then she said, “Poached eggs are not available this morning.” I looked at her one eyebrow raised and she continued. “The man who does them is not here.” So apparently there is only one man in the kitchen who knows how to poach eggs, today I may go back there and poach them myself.

It has been cooler here because of the rain, which if you stepped outside during the heavy rain it would take less than a minute for you to be soaked. I also found out yesterday that 90 percent of women in Sudan are illiterate and disabled women still get married with an equal dowry to that of their able-bodied counterparts. However tall women are worth more.

The only other thing to currently report is that I now understand way they have kitchen sprayers next to the toilets to use instead of toilet paper. It’s because the toilet paper here is like sandpaper. It was interesting before I left my colleague Will at The Standard, said that when he lived overseas he would have his parents send him toilet paper, I didn’t understand that statement until now.

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