Scorpions, Barack Obama and a cheeky Hawk

So before I arrived my M & E Officer discovered a scorpion in the pit latrine at some ungodly hour in the morning.  There are many actions one might take when discovering a scorpion in the pit latrine;  finding something huge and smashing it, pushing it to a shitty death in the depths of the pit latrine, screaming at the top of your lungs which might bring someone who would kill the scorpion if you are unwilling to, but what my M & E Officer did would have never occured to me. 

After discovering the scorpion in the pit latrine, she used the other latrine then went back to her tent and made a sign which she posted on the door of the occupied latrine it read — “Scorpian inside.”  A very polite response to the scorpian’s impolite monopolization of the toilet.

Me I would’ve have dispatched him to God with a giant shoe.

As I was sitting at breakfast with the new finance person for Agok, an expat from Kenya I inquired about his family he has three children two boys and one girl, his youngest a boy is name Barack Obama, I have come to understand that it has become quite a popular name in Kenya since Obama’s election. 

It was my last day.   All week I had made it to the Racuba with my food intact; the car was leaving for the airport; so I grabbed one last piece of mandazi and headed for the car, as I was rounding the hood a hawk swooped down and took my half-eaten mandazi and brushed my forehead with his tail feathers.  But you can always buy more breakfast, the look on my face was priceless. 

I glared at the sky –“Rat bastard,”  I exclaimed climbing into the car, to head to the airport for my flight to Wau, prounounced “Wow” then back to Juba.

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